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Palm OS (pre-Cobalt/6.0)

As the launch of the Palm Pre nears, I felt it would be appropriate to take a look back at my love affair with the PDA. In an era before smartphones and online scheduling services, those like me required a separate method of remaining organized.  I’ve probably had hundreds of paper organizers throughout my life, […]

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T-Mobile G1

awesomerobots loves his G1 and tells you why.

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90’s Rock

Musically, the early 90’s took a dramatic turn from the previous decade.  Pop music took a step back from synthesizers, as if to say “just because we can, doesn’t mean we have to” and guitar solos were brought back to the forefront of the radio dial.  I’m sure everyone had an “alternative rock” station, in […]

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we’re up is up and running.

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