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Syndicate (PC)

I’ve always been behind as far as PC gaming goes.  Our first family computer was a used 286 from my uncle, and we didn’t get that until I was in the fifth grade.  This is odd, considering my dad worked in IT, but in retrospect I attribute it to his desire to escape from the […]

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Awesome Moustaches

Whose moustache’s are worthy of emulation?

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Michael Jackson Died for Our Sins

This week we lost one of the greatest musical talents of the past fifty years. While he had his critics and his … peculiarities, one cannot deny the massive influence that Michael Jackson had on American popular music and culture. While it is a sad day for music lovers everywhere, some people are crass enough to have started taking pot shots at him and his memory before the body was even cold. I usually don’t get all butt hurt over people making light of celebrities but for Michael I make an exception.

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Lakefront Brewery – Milwaukee, WI

So here’s the setup.  For the last two Octobers, around my birthday, my wife and I have quietly celebrated the occasion out of town.  However, Minneapolis presents its own geographical difficulties for a quick weekend on the road.  To the North, the only major city is Duluth, and since I don’t smoke meth it is […]

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Tales of a First Car

July 4th, 1998.  I was sixteen, and since my birthday the preceding October, I had been relegated to borrowing my father’s Plymouth Voyager, the 1991 model.  But this day was more than a national day of independence; it was a personal day as well.  My family had taken the thirty minute drive to my uncle’s […]

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The One Asshole Rule

Why will Communism never work? Why is world peace an impossible dream? Why is it that I can’t take more than 3 ounces of liquid through security at the airport? Why do coffee cups at McDonalds have warnings on them about the temperature of their contents? Because of the one asshole rule. What, you may ask, is the “one asshole rule?” Read this article to find out.

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Clash of the Tacos

Fast food tacos.  They could almost be a symbol for our nation’s weight crisis, if it wasn’t for the more media-friendly Big Mac to lampoon.  The fast food taco has more or less been reduced to a flour tortilla or a corn shell, stuffed with a meat mixture that contains cumin and chili powder, pre-shredded […]

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“Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you.”

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T2: Judgement Day

Yesterday I went to see the new Terminator movie.  It was pretty good but in no way did it even come close to matching the sheer awesome-itude of the 1991 classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  That being said, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at one of the movies that warped my […]

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